We raise Red Ranger chickens and Peking-French Grimaud hybrid ducks.  Our birds live in  open-bottomed pens that are moved each morning to fresh pasture grown with organic practices.  They have access to grass, bugs, sunshine (and rain) and are sheltered and protected in their moveable homes.  Their feed is supplemented with locally milled grain that is certified organic/gmo-free (chickens) or conventionally raised (ducks).  Birds are processed at Mineral Springs Poultry, an ODA-inspected facility located in Willamina, though we do process some whole chickens on-farm.  We are please to offer whole ducks and a variety of chicken for sale: whole birds, breasts, wings, and more – please see our price list for details.

Grass-fed Lamb
We primarily raise Dorper sheep, which are prized for their mild flavor.  Dorpers are  hair sheep, meaning that they shed their wool (that’s why they look a bit untidy in the photos).  All sheep are raised on pasture grown with organic practices and are not given hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.   All lambs are 100% grass fed.

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