About Us

Loud Pond Farm  is a small farm located west of Eugene in the foothills of the Coast Range.  Since 2010, we have grown high quality pastured meats for local folks who care about the provenance of their food. The farm is a two family operation, including Abby, Phil, and Tom Biboux, and Able and Vanessa Blackmore. Our goal is to provide quality food and also a quality life for our families, raising children in a beautiful rural community. Farming is unarguably hard work, but we feel the satisfaction of a good day’s work and the ability to raise so much of our own food is of unparalleled benefit.
We bring extensive experience to the work that we do.  Both Able and Phil worked for years at local organic vegetable farms (Winter Green and Creative Growers) and each has pastured poultry experience as well, Phil having worked at Greener Pastures Poultry and Able raising birds on his own before forming Loud Pond.  All together, we have nearly 20 years of organic farming experience.

We incorporate intensive grazing practices to enhance the quality of pasture and in turn provide better quality food for the livestock. This enables lambs to thrive and grow quickly on lush pasture, and the benefits (both on our health and environmental impact) of grass fed meats are becoming well known to the conscious consumer.  For more information on benefits of grass fed:http://www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm.

We also strive in to integrate our livestock species to mimic natural cycles. Our poultry follow the sheep flock, cleaning up behind them essentially, balancing the level of insects and microorganisms. The birds also heavily fertilize our pastures.

At Loud Pond Farm, we have a deep respect for the animals that are in our care.  We are grateful to them for the food they provide for us and treat them in a kind and humane way at all times.  We never use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and we grow our pasture using organic practices.  We know that you’ll notice a difference when you taste our products!

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