Chicken Sale & Lamb Ahead!

We had our first (and possibly last for this year) chicken butcher day a few weeks ago and now have some lovely birds for your table!  We used a new supplier for these guys and they were the healthiest batch we have ever seen – in fact, they grew to be enormous birds.  They are the broad-breasted Cornish Cross that we have raised in the past, back by popular demand.

We have whole birds only this time and they are currently on sale for $5.15/lb for any quantity.  As I mentioned before, some of them grew to be the size of small turkeys (!) and weigh in between 7 and over 8lbs!  I just cooked one of the huge ones up this afternoon and it was quite do-able in my normal brine pot and roasting pan.  It is delicious!

Anyway, we are offering a special price on these large birds of $4.85/lb. A great deal that we hope you will take advantage of.   If you would like a smaller bird, please order early, we have  limited supply of 6lb ‘smalls’ this round.   As always the birds are fed only organic/gmo-free feed and are raised on pasture.  We are happy to deliver to the Eugene area or you can come pick up here at the farm.

We are also taking orders for lambs, we have whole animals available for $6.99/lb hanging weight and we are also selling 1lb packages of ground lamb for $10 each. We will likely butcher in about a month or so, but have ground lamb available now.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for supporting a small farm!

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