Happy Spring from Loud Pond Farm

April13 053

What a spring it has been so far in Western Oregon!  We have seen so many sunny days in the past month, we thought it was June.  Now the much needed rains are back, but we are so grateful for the burst of energy that the sun provided us.

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for us here at the farm.   We are expanding our poultry operation considerably – expect to see us at several farmer’s markets and more of your favorite Eugene restaurants (including Party Downtown, to open in May!)  We will be offering whole chickens plus breasts, thighs/drums, wings, livers, and stock packages this year.  Check out 2013 pricing here.  Fresh birds will be available May 1st.

Our sheep flock has expanded too!  Currently we have mamas and lambs grazing gorgeous certified organic pasture that we lease in the Willamette Valley.

We hope that you’ll choose Loud Pond Farm products this year, whether you’re a returning friend or a new one.  Our families look forward to providing you with high quality pastured meats this year!

Happy Spring,

Abby, Phil, Able and Tom

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